"YouOrganic's Orange and Mandarin lip balm arrived faster than fast and the lip balm is simply amazing! Feels wonderful on my lips and smells wonderful"

Renee, Dublin (IRL)

"The lip balm is just so cute and smells gorgeous - thanks for the super fast delivery too!!"

Elisangela, Wexford (IRL)

"I love this Night Balm! Very good for dry and/or sensitive skin, very moisturizing and had no reaction to it (which I often do to so many other ‘natural’ products). Would highly recommend.”

Roisin, Mayo (IRL)

“LOVING YouOrganic Orange and Ylang Ylang Night Balm! Myself and my sister both love it. I was experiencing that awful ‘winter skin’, dry, sore, red and it’s gone!”

Ruth, Dublin (IRL)

"I was very happy with the service provided by YouOrganic.  Ursula always answered my questions in time and very quickly, she is polite and treats her customers with great care and attention to details! Thank you"

Sylvia, Sofia (Bulgaria)

"Super fast shipping and the lip balm feels AMAZING!  Ursula is just lovely to deal with and I'll definitely be reordering."

Belle, Florida (USA)

"Beautiful packaging and my lips are like silk! The body lotion is great for my dry skin, thanks!"

Agija, Latvia

"Lovely candle, fast shipping and friendly customer service"

Kristina, Sweden

"Received the lip balm today!! LOVE IT! Even my kids are using it on their lips, really hydrating and delicious smell :) thank you!"

Valery, France

"Delicious lip balm, beautifully packaged"

Louize, Brussels (Belgium)

"The lip balm smells gorgeous, lovely on my lips, thanks!"

Marcella, Cheshire (UK)

"…mmm…the lip balm is perfect! thank-you!"

Jolanta, Riga, Latvia

"the lip balm is just so cute and smells gorgeous - thanks for the super fast delivery too!"

Elisangela, Wexford (IRL)

"Lovely candle, beautiful scent, thanks!"

Kim, Indianapolis (USA)

"Fast service and the lip balm + holder is excellent!"

Sarah, Virginia (USA)

"Great candle, thank-you!"

Amy, Cork (IRL)

"Great lip balm with a lovely smell, thank-you!"

Javier SPAIN

"I've been using YouOrganic Orange and Ylang Ylang Night Balm for a month and the results have been terrific! My skin is now soft, moisture enriched and my breakouts have cleared up! It's great finding a product that is gentle on your skin, that really works and is made from all natural ingredients. I would recommend anyone who has been having breakouts on their skin to try YouOrganic. I couldn't be happier!"

Anna, Dublin (IRL)

"Fast shipping with no problems, the lip balm + holder is of very good quality too! I took one for me and one for my mother, I'm sure she'll enjoy it!"

Noemie, France

"Hands down the best organic body lotion I have ever used! It just absorbs into my skin so easily and it has a lovely fresh delicate scent. I get very dry skin on my legs every winter and I've never found a lotion that works, but after a few days of using this lotion, my skin was nice and soft again. I'll definitely be buying this product again"Maggy Carlow, IRL